Cocktails from the Simpsons

The Flaming Homer

The Flaming Homer

Well, if you’ve ever bought The Simpsons Sing The Blues from The Simpsons, you’ll know that some of the byproducts of the popular tv show aren’t half bad (can we hear it for Look At Those Idiots? Our theme song).

This does not apply to cocktail recipes.

In this video, the daring host of Cocktail Chemistry makes first, a literal version, and then an inspired and adapted version of various cocktails mentioned on the Simpsons. This particular collection features the Flaming Homer (not the Flaming Moe, sorry), whose adapted version sounds and looks quite lovely, the Skittlebräu which frankly doesn’t turn out to taste as bad as it looks (and it looks like beer made from mud) and finally a Single Plum Floating In Perfume In A Man’s Hat. I capitalize the A’s because you just know if you don’t that woman’s going to snark about it, even though it’s wrong.

She’s that kind of animated goth customer.

Anyhoodle, enjoy?


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