A Drink to Catch Up

The Smoke Bomb Cocktail from Cocktail Chemistry Lab

The Smoke Bomb Cocktail from Cocktail Chemistry Lab

Good evening, kittens. Welcome back to Drinkscoaster, The Blog That Time Forgot! We’ve decided to dust off our old food and bev blog to entertain and inform you and ALSO to give ourselves (all of our alt personalities) an excuse to get out of the house in search of decent food and drink. Currently, however, we are still in recovery from a rather gruesome accident back in September, and while no longer bedridden, most of our esoteric cocktail knowledge currently comes off YouTube.

A Song of Ice and Fire Cocktail

A Song of Ice and Fire Cocktail

YouTube, however, has wonders galore, particularly for an ice snob like me. Wonders like this little baby, made of actual fire, actual ice, and actual drama. Guaranteed to draw stares and gasps, A Song of Ice and Fire is a showstopper, the kind of cocktail seemingly invented for YouTube. You wouldn’t want to actually produce these at a bar, because it’s so much damn work including creating perfectly clear ice balls ahead of time. But if you were looking for something to impress a prospective romantic partner, something that isn’t as corny as a magic trick, well, a suave display of gasp-inducing cocktail expertise is hard to beat.

The Cocktail Chemistry Lab is well worth a follow on YouTube for a dichotomy of solid basics and flashy advanced techniques. Nothing in between, basically. And highly, highly showy. If you like to impress, but shaker-juggling is beyond you, this should be in your bookmarks.

Here’s their basic video about making clear ice, including ice balls.

Making clear ice balls that are hollow is a whole ‘nother thing. And here is the video of that thing.

And here is their video of how to make a Smoke Ball cocktail, which is one that I, as a nonsmoker who adores the taste and smell of wood smoke, am dying to try out. As soon as I make enough money to buy another ice ball mold, funnel, sautering iron, smoke gun, lemons, and actual alcohol.

Actually, I don’t think I’d use the little hammer. I prefer to use the Hammer of Fate, ie let the ice melt enough and then, whenever the Flying Spaghetti Monster decides it’s time, let the cocktail just sort of “happen.” Yes, God is my bartender.


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