Sexism, Snickers, and Seniors: A Facebook Tale

Everyday Sexism via STEM women

Everyday Sexism via STEM women

This is a terrific post from Black Acre Brewing Company founder Jordan Gleason on Facebook about sexism in the food and beverage industry. Literally not three weeks ago, in a discussion about sexist, creepy dress codes for waitresses, a man told me that any job serving beer was, by default, a job in the sex trade and the women “know what they are getting into.” I told that man to go to the Decoy (the nearest true dive bar) and tell that to the bartender there, and see how that goes. I hope the dude is still in the hospital. Anyhoodle, to the post! It is excerpted here and you are HIGHLY encouraged to go to FB and see the entire thing.

This is a longer post, so bear with me…

Today I had to explain to a 60 year old man why he was banned from the pub.

In January he made several sexist remarks about the female staff that were working. He told them to their faces that that he liked looking at their tits while they washed dishes, and their asses while they were pouring drinks. He was told to leave and not come back. He came back last month, and was told we wouldn’t serve him. He came back yet again today, and when told he wouldn’t be served demanded to talk to a manger.

I sat with him for a few minutes as he explained that what he said would have been okay 20 years ago, and that it was just some off colour remarks. He told me he had apologized, and that he guessed my servers were too sensitive. He then told me that if what he said was a problem, then I should tell them not to wear low cut shirts, and that I should face the dish washing sink away from customers. But since he apologized, he should be allowed to drink in my establishment because he he lives in the neighborhood and will bring in business.

I told him flatly that wasn’t happening, and that what he said to those ladies was incredibly offensive. The simple fact that he couldn’t understand that just because they were were working didn’t mean they deserve his disrespectful language. That these ladies were part of my family, and were human beings that deserved respect. They aren’t objects, and they certainly shouldn’t have to wear different clothes because he can’t be bothered with showing them any decency or respect. “But we’re men and they’re females. Is cleavage just not a thing anymore?”

I told him yeah buddy, it’s not, and I won’t be changing my mind about having him served. He threatened bad publicity, I told him I didn’t care, and he left.

And that’s where it starts getting profound. Seriously, go read the whole thing.


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