A serious scientific inquiry into what exactly is meant by the term “Eiffel Tower of Cheese.” Why yes, it is British. How did you know?


This morning I was watching BBC Breakfast and there was a report from Steph McGovern who was at the International Cheese Awards in Nantwich. The International Cheese Awards are the “biggest and best cheese awards in the world” and so you can understand why the BBC were keen to cover the story.

During the report, McGovern claimed that cheese is eaten in 99% of households in the UK (according to the Top Cheese Facts page on the website of the British Cheese Board1, cheese is bought by 98% of British households and so I assume 1% of households are receiving donations of free cheese). She also said that 400,000 tonnes of cheese is sold in the UK each year. Again, there is a slight discrepancy between this figure and figure given on the British Cheese Board website:

We consume around 700,000 tonnes of cheese a year (including Cottage…

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