Résum-Ale Domination

Resum Ale

Resum Ale

That’s a snappy, modern-looking bundle of beer, ain’t it? But don’t go rushing to your local boozeteria or hipster holding pen looking for it. This (properly accented!) Résum-Ale is available by very special delivery only.

It’s a resumé. An honest-to-gob resumé from Brennan Gleason, a web and graphic designer in BC’s craft brew-friendly Fraser Valley. Each of the labels features one of his designs and of course the whole thing is not simply his packaging, but his actual home brewed blonde ale. The designer himself is, if pix don’t lie, blond.

Are you a thirsty and youthful yet still of legal drinking age company looking for a bust-out creative designer and fun guy? You might want to call and ask to see his Résum-Ale. Are you a graphic designer in the greater Vancouver region who is looking for work? Well, you’re gonna have to top this. Good luck with that.


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