Squamish BC is, hands down, the global capital of the outdoor adventure lifestyle. Back in the 90’s Blue, the Adventure Lifestyle Magazine did an article where their writer basically made up extreme sports and told people in Squamish about them and they were all “oh yeah, we did that last week. You want to come out tomorrow and do it, only this time UNDERWATER?” And they meant it, too.

Like, get a wetsuit and a boogie board and throw themselves down a waterfall. Like, invent the Snow Bike. Things like that.

And my friend Jaime Martins is fortunate enough to live in Squamish. Today he posted some photos to Facebook of an interesting phenomenon that occurs only on June 21: Squamhenge.

Solstice in Squamish… Setting sun does this only once a year only on solstice- sets perfectly at the mid point between the two mountains… Have a beautiful summer everyone!

I dunno about you, but to me, Squamhenge beats the hell out of Manhattanhenge, falling as it does on the night of the summer solstice and in a setting of incredible natural beauty.

Squamhenge the second

Squamhenge the second


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