Apricots: Proof Fairies Exist

And that we are all horrible, horrible monsters.

Especially to children.

OMG it's pooping!

OMG it’s pooping!

From Caddie T’Kenye comes proof fairies are actually real, as we have said for many years:

Take an apricot that has a well demarcated line down the side and a nice clean stem break. Place it in your hand in such a way that your fingers are wrapped well around it, and only the stem break and the split show. Show it to a small child and say, “see this?” and when they look at you like you’re crazy, inform them that apricots are actually fairy’s asses. Then laugh hysterically. It is not necessary that the child also laugh. PS. this joke *never* gets stale and comes around regularly with every apricot season.

I’ll file this with my vegan zombie joke for “if I feel like getting thrown out of the party” occasions.


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