Spot Prawn Boil at the Blackbird!

Can you spot the Spot Prawns?

Can you spot the Spot Prawns? photo by the Living Alaska Project

All the pictures in this post will be good because I stole them from other people, who are better photographers than me. There, now that’s cleared up:

There are EIGHT seats left for the Spot Prawn Boil at the Blackbird pub this Sunday in downtown Vancouver. YOU WANT ONE OF THEM.

When I moved to BC as an eighteen year old know-it-all, I had never eaten a shrimp, a prawn, a lobster or a crab. Why? Because these things are clearly the insects of the sea. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, who would ever wanna eat one of those things? Grody!

Of course, it was sushi that was my gateway drug.

Spot Prawn amaebi from Blue Water, photo by Tomostyle

Spot Prawn amaebi from Blue Water, photo by Tomostyle

I mean, who could resist that? Once I’d had these glorious crustaceans raw, eating them cooked was no issue, although it did take me another five years to be cool with eating deep fried prawn HEADS. Very nice with ponzu sauce, by the way.

Spot prawns are the epitome of prawnage. They are naturally sweet, a darn healthy size so you’re not always fiddling with the damn shells, they peel easily and cleanly, taste amazing and have a firm but not chewy texture, rather like a peeled grape. Of course, when you cook them they become meatier, but they still have plenty of flavour and tenderness. And they’re local!

Anyhoodle, here I am in Vangroover for their very short spot prawn season, and what do I see on my Facebook timeline but that The Blackbird is hosting a spot prawn boil. Now, normally I’d be happy to splash out for it BUT, since I only started my new job this week and am currently completely impecunious, never being very pecunious at the best of times, I simply begged and begged until they gave me a media pass, so there’s your full disclosure.

Well, I mean, what would you have done? It’s mother fucking spot prawns, bitch!

The details:

The Blackbird Public House & Oyster Bar, Vancouver, B.C.
Sunday, 1 June 2014 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, welcome drinks at 6:30

Salad + Prawn Boil + Local Rhubarb pound cake
with Driftwood White Bark Ale

Tickets $49 on Eventbrite

The event is casual, with masses of prawns, boiled potatoes, and corn dumped on platters for you to help yourself. The beer is supplied by the outstanding Driftwood Brewery. White Bark Ale is one of my favorites, a off-dry white ale that won’t overpower the shrimp and will bring out its sweetness. while it still has enough complexity to accent and amplify the various flavours of the feast. Even the rhubarb pound cake!

As if all this weren’t enough, it’s also Ardbeg Day at the Blackbird!

Instead of the more usual activity of drinky-uppie, Islay has seen a boom in keepie-uppies, thanks to the forthcoming Ardbeg Day 2014 and this year’s theme – the Ardbeggian take on the football World Cup.

Football has a rich and noble history in mainland Scotland where kings and lords would take to the pitch and teams were made up of gentlemen. However many of these gentrified teams would come a cropper during Islay fixtures, unused as they were to playing knee deep in our peaty pitches.

Whet your whistle, while we blow our whistle

Taking inspiration from the ‘Peat Football’ played on Islay, we’ll be running ‘Peat Football’ events around the globe in the run up to the big day.

Remember, the most important fixture of the season is 1st of June. At The Blackbird we’ll be having a ball.

-Ardbeg Auriverdes Tasting
-Foosball Elimination Tournament
-Tasting Plates
-Friends and good times

That runs from noon to six, and the spot prawn boil runs from 6:30, so if you’re pre-gaming with the Ardbeg crowd, be careful to pace yourself! Six hours of celebration takes planning!

The Blackbird, photo by This Sandwich, That Beer

The Blackbird, photo by This Sandwich, That Beer


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