Frying Pan to Fire: The Heat is On Top Chef Canada

Yesterday we revealed a jaw-droppingly sexist poster from Top Chef Canada. Today we found the corresponding women’s poster, and while yes, it’s on the theme of Battle of the Sexes, no, it is nowhere near as obnoxious.

Thanks to Lauren Mote again for bringing the conversation forward on Twitter and catalyzing this discussion, with the result that we can give credit to the photographer, David Uzumeri.

And Eater has the image.

Top Chef Bottom Fishing

Top Chef Bottom Fishing

As for Top Chef, this is what they have to say for themselves:

Food Network Canada’s marketing campaign plays on this year’s theme by using two opposing posters. One showcasing the male competitors and the other featuring the female competitors – both teasing the battle of the sexes angle.
The competition may start with men vs. women, but in the end the person with the strongest kitchen skills will be named Canada’s Top Chef!

Not unsurprisingly, this has failed to placate the public. There are growing calls for a viewing boycott of Top Chef Canada; the last time there was such a boycott (over the controversial use of horsemeat, which is not raised to human food standards and has been tied to dwindling wild horse populations) it garnered over 6,000 Likes on Facebook. Whether the women or the men win, the real loser here is Top Chef Canada.


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