Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman

Alan Fucking Rickman is the great unrequited (as far as we’re aware) crush of the pre-Assange-era. And here he is being fierce for an unrelenting seven minutes, eight seconds. Tea is something the Brits take VERY seriously.


6 thoughts on “Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman

  1. If I was Alan Rickman I would have responded in the same way. That cup of the tea was a travesty – from using a bag instead of loose leaf; not pouring the boiling water over the tea; stirring the drawing tea with a spoon – sheesh – that’s one bad cup of tea and one bad ass rickman reaction!


  2. I think the moral of the story is, “Fuck tea bags” and “Don’t mess with Alan F*cking Rickman”.

    (also that Alan F. Rickman is really cool in slo-mo)


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