Taste the Biscuit

Biscuits American Style

Biscuits American Style

UK style biscuits in Korean Art. No, really.

Which could mean anything, really. If you’re in the American South, it means one thing. If you’re in England, it means quite another. And of course, if you’re in fashion blogging it means that thing Lindsay Lohan and those starlets on Gossip Girl are always nearly revealing in their miniskirts.

But this group of rocking seniors (“I’M NOT HOMELESS!”) known as Toasters ‘n Moose want you to taste theirs. I defy you not to go directly to the food court after giving this a listen.


One thought on “Taste the Biscuit

  1. Ugh, English biscuits are awful. Such, sad, sad stale excuses for a cookie. I’m proud of the fact that when I was at Uni in England for 6 months I educated those poor souls on the true America cookie, the chocolate chip. I ended up plying/bribing the University’s radio station with said cookies and got to take over on night.


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