The Clean Plate Club

Little Americans, do your bit: no matter how noxious it may be

Little Americans, do your bit: no matter how noxious it may be

Yes, kiddies: close your eyes and do it for your country!

Oatmeal is made from corn? Who knew??? Also: corn meal mush needs a new marketing strategy. Filboid Studge, anyone?


5 thoughts on “The Clean Plate Club

  1. Corn meal mush has already had that marketing strategy overhaul: it’s called Polenta, remember?

    Pour it out, slice it up, roast it with cheeses and cream sauce or slice it into sticks that you can fry up like french fries. Serve it plain, as it’s eaten in Italy–part of the classic pairing of “umido” or stews made from lamb, pork, beef, rabbit, or vegetables.

    Add sugar, dark spiced rum, dark bittersweet chocolate and “glaze” it with white chocolate ganache, then have it with toasted hazelnuts and fresh raspberries for dessert.

    It’s sad that the best thing war time advisors could think of was “oatmeal”.


  2. Cornmeal mush and polenta might be absolutely identical substances, but everybody knows polenta is neo-peasant food, therefore chic, whereas cornmeal mush is just peasant food. It’s food as participatory conceptual art.

    I’m also wondering just how much wheat-based breakfast cereal these tots were snarfing up, and why it mattered. Corn, as we know, is richer in protein and would presumably be healthier for soldiers at war than plain old wheat.


  3. Yeah but Cream of Wheat is darn tasty with butter and brown sugar. Corn Meal Mush not so much. Although you can make some nice hush puppies, but everything tastes good deep fried.


  4. Agreed on the Cream of Wheat. Agreed on the deep fried. Although nothing on Earth can convince me to eat cornmeal in any form.


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