Dinner with Julian

A toast to Julian Assange

A toast to Julian Assange

How did I miss this? Spies, food, alcohol, anarchy, conspiracy, and double-crossing: it’s got EVERYTHING I look for in a story.

In order to keep government-mortifying website Wikileaks running and pay the considerable legal fees of his (unsuccessful) fight against extradition, Draco Malfoy imitator and human ferret Julian Assange invited the world to dine with him on February 9th of this year.

For a fee.

Nom for Freedom, Julian!

Nom for Freedom, Julian!

No, seriously, how did I miss this? Assange is easily my favorite James Bond villain, and a more stimulating dinner companion could hardly be imagined (just keep all the lights on). According to the website, it was a one-time opportunity to gather with friends and Wikileaks supporters, donate to the cause, and in return be given a link to unlock a Vimeo video of Assange saluting you and presumably pretending to be interested in what your Uncle Harry has to say about kids these days and their crazy music, etc, etc.

Well guess what? Someone leaked the video. So here’s what we missed! [ed note: when the inevitable takedown notice comes, the very fabric of the space-irony continuum will be destroyed]

In the words of Julian Assange – “There are four things that cannot be concealed for long, the sun, the moon, the truth – and dessert!”


2 thoughts on “Dinner with Julian

  1. I have a thing for/about Julian Assange. I don’t want to discuss it, I don’t really know what to do about it and I figure the man is not long for this world so if I avoid dwelling on it long enough I will never have to actually take it out and confront what it really means to me. And I can’t see the video on my Bell Canada restricted dial up connection anyway, which helps.

    But if I’d have known about the dinner–I’d have gone.


  2. I know exactly how you feel (except that I’m not on dialup, thank god, and can treasure the hilarious sight of Assange delicately tapping his glass for attention). He is a fraught, and fascinating, character. If I ever buy an albino ferret, I will name it Julian.


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