Why Gnott?

It explodes alrighty, and not just with flavour

It explodes alrighty, and not just with flavour

In today’s lesson, Steve from Webrestaurantstore will demonstrate why we shouldn’t deep-fry gnocchi and, for bonus points, why our solution to somethingdeep-fried spitting at us should not be to turn up the heat. Oh, you may think you know this stuff already, but do put in the time to watch this video, at least up to the 1:45 mark. You won’t regret it.

via MisterHippity

In related news, this civilian was actually successful in his attempt, but then he had the good sense to a) use cooked gnocchi as his substrate and b) batter the gnocchi first, thus rendering its exterior significantly freer of H20. Still, speaking for myself I’d have to say that battered, deep-fried potato dumplings are not exactly something that makes my mouth water, and I’m not even on a low-carb diet. We have starch, wrapped in starch, deep-fried. Please stop the madness.


4 thoughts on “Why Gnott?

  1. But…aren’t gnocchi supposed to be firm but yielding, deliciously rich and comforty? Don’t they just turn into crusty pucks if you deep fry them?

    Gnocchi ain’t broke. Don’t fix ’em.


  2. Sometimes, I think men will deep-fry anything. Some comedian had a whole routine built around deep-frying and barbecue. He said men will generally only cook when there’s danger involved.


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