One for the kids

On the bright side, nobody can accuse Bourdain of being a passively detached parent.

via BlackBook

Bonus Bourdain:

“If you’re looking for elitism and hypocrisy and silliness, you need only look to food. Which is ready for a parody and backlash. I make a good living at it. But really it’s also just a part of a natural process, don’t you think? It was inevitable for this happen.”

Indeed it was, and high time. We’ve got to get in there before the industry entirely descends to unconscious self-parody. Although from time to time it appears we may be too late.

Am I the only one fatigued by all of this stuff? The only diner out there exhausted by the fastidiousness applied to $38 pappardelle and $3 frozen pop on a stick alike? The only one who feels bludgeoned by people swinging their expertise like so much boneless, air-dried Italian lomo? Incidentally, did you know Las Vegas chef Michael Mina poaches only fish in ocean water flown in from Fiji? Well, I know!

I know because I am part of the problem. Not a huge part; I only occasionally write about food. But I do openly wonder why more burger joints don’t make their own brioche buns and ketchup.

Incidentally, very few people who’ve worked at “burger joints” have such questions.


3 thoughts on “One for the kids

  1. Friend of mine says that the ocean is full of dead people and whale shite. Doesn’t matter if it’s Fiji or Florida…it’s all connected. What matters is the taste, not the hype and if you are paying for Fiji ocean water poached fish…well you need a hobby or a cause….


  2. No worries. I never take offence, because I never believe anyone would have the courage to attempt to offend me.

    I’m so bored with the preciousness surrounding food. If we were really supposed to treat it that reverently, would it end up where it does? Really???

    On the other hand, I enjoy watching stupid, ostentatious people getting ripped off. So I’m torn.


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