Las is More

Vegan vs Las Vegan

Vegan vs Las Vegan: any questions?

Look carefully: can you spot the differences? That’s right: the one on the left has, compared to the model on the right, a moderately longer life expectancy, a paler complexion, and less SHEER AWESOMENOSITY!


6 thoughts on “Las is More

  1. Having done the raw vegan thing myself for a significant part of the last year, I can tell you: it’s because they aren’t eating properly!

    Unless you’re very careful, you can’t get the right balance of proteins, and unless you’re very, VERY careful you won’t consume enough fat to keep your gallbladder healthy. And it’s also difficult to eat enough calories to remain active: the vegan athletes you find eat a LOT of food, and it’s not necessarily the normal food a vegan would choose, either. When I was eating raw vegan I was getting about 800 calories a day, with three meals and two snacks. That is a large part of why I had to take December off sick.

    I do know one healthy raw vegan, but for awhile there he was looking awfully Edward Cullen. Once he beefed up the nuts and oils in his diet, he beefed up himself to normal weight and some muscles. Now that he pays attention to such things he’s quite healthy and enviably free from colds and flus.

    I felt, the entire time I was vegan, that I hadn’t finished eating, even when I was full. Studies indicate that’s the lack of fats and proteins. I don’t think I can ever go Full Vegan again. It’s a nice idea, but it doesn’t work for my body, and hey, this is the only one I have to be concerned about.


  2. Bif Naked, however, is stunningly beautiful. That helps. I’ve seen her just around the neighborhood and she always looks like she’s lit by invisible lighting technicians who want to make her look perfect at all times. She is not entirely human, I think.


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