A Steep Learning Curve

Make Tea Not Love
Can you ever get enough posts about the world’s greatest vegetable-based beverage? No, no you cannot; not when they come with steampunk rap videos!

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4 thoughts on “A Steep Learning Curve

  1. Three Points:

    1. Excellent Video – good find.
    2. I hate tea – love coffee. I spit on King George III.
    3. I would not go along with your characterization of this as Steampunk. More of kind of a period piece, as it were. Historical fiction or MC Black Adder, perhaps.


  2. No idea. At least your third comment went straight to Approved. I fished out your other two.

    1 thanks
    2 BITE YOUR TONGUE! You need a spanking and a cup of good Assam.
    3 I’m going to stick with Steampunk. Scratching on the Victrola? Besides, most if not all steampunk nowadays is half-assed. It’s no Geiger musical number, but then, since Dark City, what is?

    I would buy the HELL out of an MC BlackAdder album.


  3. Thanks for digging the comment out. Much appreciated. We will agree to disagree with the steampunk characterization. Mc BlackAdder would be awesome, if I had talent I would do it. “I have a clever rap that cannot fail.”


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